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Concord Industries Inc. is a professional API 6A and API 6D products supplier and our plant is certified to API 6A and API 6D. Concord is a rapidly growing company with continually increasing revenues, planned facilities expansion.


Concord is proud to offer the widest product line of any valve manufacturer in the world. This line includes, but is not limited to:


API 6A Valves:

API 6D Valve:

Cameron® Model F&FC style Manual Gate Valves
Cameron® Model F&FC style Hydraulic Gate Valves
WKM® style Model M Expanding Gate Valves
WKM® style Model M-1 Expanding Gate Valves
Cameron® Model FL style Slab Gate Valves
Cameron® Model FLS style Slab Gate Valves
Cameron®Model H2 style Manual Adjustable Choke Valves
Cameron® Model H2 style Positive Choke Valves
Demco® Model DM style Mud Gate Valves
Oteco® Model 72 style Mud Gate Valves
Cameron® R type Check Valves
Cameron® MS type Check Valves
FMC® SPM® style Plug Valves
Cameron® S type Flex-Seal Valves
MeCvoy® Model C style Manual Gate Valves
MeCvoy® Model E-2 style Manual Gate Valves
Demco® style Butterfly Valves
Dart style Check Valves
FMC® SPM® type Safety Valves
Surface Safety Valves-SSV
Ball Screw Slab Gate Valves
HCR Valves
API 6A Ball Valves
API 6A Globe Valves

Slab Gate Valves
*Expanding Gate Valves
*Ball Valves
*Plug Valves
Butterfly Valves
Globe Valves
Check Valves



1. Our API 6D Expanding Gate Valves are (ACF) W-K-M® style Expanding Gate Valves
2. Our API 6D Ball Valves are Nuovo Pignone® and Orbit® style Ball Valves
3. Our API 6D Plug Valves are Orbit® style Plug Valves
4. We also can supply Limitorque@ style Electronic Actuators


In addition, Concord manufactures severe service specialty products such as:


Christmas Trees, Choke Manifolds, Kill Manifolds, Tubing Heads, Casing Heads, Studded Cross, Tees, API Flanges, Hammer Unions, Ring Joint Gaskets, Grease Fittings, Bolts Studs& Nuts.


Concord is unique in that all our valves are available in all ANSI and API pressure classes and virtually any metallurgy required. From carbon and alloy steel to stainless steel and exotics including titanium and zirconium, Concord can accommodate the most ordinary and extraordinary requirements.


Some qualities that separate Concord from other conventional valve manufacturers are:

In-House Valve Design for Custom and Specialty requirements.
Customized deliveries to meet client requirements.
Wide Product Range to enable quick "One-Stop" sourcing.


We thank you for interest in Concord and look forward to providing solutions to your requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.













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